Welcome to the online tool for examination plans of the department of computer science

With this tool you are able to create examination plans for your study programs. How to proceed with your created plans can be gathered from the information in the tool and the print version of your examination plan. All formally correct examination plans will be accepted by the department of computer science. You will not be informed about acceptance. Only if your submitted plan is not valid you will be contacted. Please keep in mind that, in case of the specialized master programs, the coordinator of the study program also has to accept the examination plan.

We also again allude to the fact, that creating and submitting examination plans is no substitution for the registration and deregistration to exams in TUCaN. Registration and deregistration in TUCaN has to be done within the stated periods.

If you encounter bugs, we would like you to submit them via beratung@informatik.tu-darmstadt.de.